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Barbara Kahan

Formerly a self-employed health promotion consultant, I am now mostly retired from paid work but still busy with other activities such as editing and maintaining this website. I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada with Evan, my partner of over 35 years. We have two children, Tara and Brennan. Tara and her husband Greg have just moved to Syracuse, New York where Tara has accepted a position with Syracuse University in the department of environmental chemistry. Brennan lives in London, England; he works as a medical statistician with the Medical Research Council.

In January 1997 I started working intensively on developing a best practices approach to health promotion along with Michael Goodstadt and the Best Practices Work Group at the Centre for Health Promotion, University of Toronto. When our exploration of best practices grew into the IDM approach, a number of sites in Ontario (public health departments, hospitals, and community health centres) joined us to participate in pilot testing IDM materials and processes. We were fortunate to receive funding for several years from Health Canada (Population and Public Health Branch, Ontario Region), and from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for a six month project.

When funding for the project ended in March 2002, I spent a great deal of my unpaid time working on improvement and dissemination of the IDM and its processes and materials, in collaboration with a number of other IDM enthusiasts. I also made every effort to integrate a best practices approach into my paid work, which focused on program evaluation and planning.

In addition to my best practices work, my past experiences include working in a youth clinic and centre (Montreal), a neighbourhood information centre (Toronto), and a feminist printing press (London England). In Regina I co-founded and co-managed a community bookstore called Tumbleweed Books, job-shared the position of executive director for the Saskatchewan Publishers Group, and have researched many topics and written many reports for government departments and community based organizations. My writing credits, which span a variety of topics related to health and social issues, include the book Healthier Children (Keats Publishing) and the recent article Using a Comprehensive Best Practices Approach to Strengthen Ethical Health-Related Practice (Health Promotion Practice, July 2012, Vol. 13, No. 4, pp. 431-437). I have also written the poetry chapbook Illuminated Tales of Romance (if press) and had other works of poetry and fiction published or performed on stage. I have an MHSc in health promotion from the University of Toronto, a BA in political science from the University of Saskatchewan, and a Certificate in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University.

I spend a lot of time visiting with family and friends, read voraciously, practise tai chi, hike whenever I can, and love to travel. Tuesday evenings I am at our branch library working with a wonderful group of young people (ages 9-13) who call themselves the Connaught Writiing Club. My most recent retirement activity is starting a small publishing company, Wild Sage Press.

For a "snapshot" of my life in April 2007, visit my website profile for that month.

September, 2012, Regina, Canada

Photo notes: Evan took the above photo of me when we were hiking in a Costa Rica jungle in May 2008. Tara took the original website photo of me (see archived jottings pre-2010) at home in Regina in 2004. The current jottings photo was taken at Evan's birthday party in 2010.

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