Health Promotion & Public Health oriented Email ListServs and E-Bulletins

This list of E-lists and Web Forums for Health Promotion has been prepared by Alison Stirling, health promotion consultant at the Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse (Canada).

Public 'Open' Email Discussion ListServs

CLICK4HP health promotion on the Internet ListServ - for information, to browse archives and use online form for subscription see or contact list-owners at [international in scope, over 1200 subscribers]

SDOH-L Social Determinants of Health ListServ - for information, to browse archives and use online form for subscription see or contact

APOLNet ListServ managed by the Alcohol Policy Network - for information on the listserv, view the archives and join see the APOLNet website at

ActiviTalk managed by the Lifestyle Information Network [LIN] for ACTIVE Ontario, related to physical activity in Ontario - for information contact or go to Active Ontario website at and click on 'Networking'. Or go direct to

Heart-L ListServ managed by the Ontario Heart Health Resource Centre - for information see the HHRC website at

HP-LINKS - health promotion research elist set up and moderated by the Prairie Region Health Promotion Research Centre in Saskatoon. Has been active in postings and exchange on general and Saskatchewan specific issues until summer 2004, when postings diminished. For subscription information see

LINNews Sponsored by the Lifestyle Information Network (LIN) The weekly News bulletin has brief listings with links to the website and database for News items, additions of documents and reports to the Database, Events and job postings. To join linnews: and select 'Join our Mailing List from the left sidebar [many highlights of LINNews & ActiveTalk are reposted on the Heart Health e-list]

MNCHP -L email discussion list supported by the Best Start Resource Centre, this Network promotes and facilitates information sharing related to maternal, newborn and child health promotion. For information on the list see

OWHN-L Ontario Women's Health Network email discussion list, bi-weekly digest and quarterly e-bulletin full of news, resources, contacts - for information on this list of about 250 subscribers interested in women's health issues in Ontario see

Web Forums - open (Ontario Physical Health Education Association) Join the OPHEA 'network' (free) and take part in the 'community interactivity', Forum, calendar, resources and more. Fill in the form on top left frame at to register. Forums include Active8, Active Schools, ALCAP and more (managed by LIN). The monthly e-Connection newsletter is designed to keep members up to date on new website developments and other OPHEA activities.

Email Bulletins, Information Lists open to public

OHPE Bulletin [Ontario Health Promotion Email Bulletin] - for information on this weekly email news, views and resources bulletin sent out to more than 3550 subscribers across Ontario and around the world see the OHPE website at To contact the editor or have information posted, send email to

OHCC Bulletin [Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition] is an information-sharing vehicle for healthy community members and interested individuals in Ontario. It goes out monthly by email, and is posted on the OHCC website at Announcements of events related to OHCC can be posted. Send information or request to join to

Le Bloc-Notes [] est un bulletin d'information en promotion de la santé indispensable pour les intervenants communautaires qui désirent se tenir à l'affût des nouveautés dans le domaine de la promotion de la santé. La banque de données du Bloc-Notes est maintenant disponibles pour ceux qui veulent se reférer à des articles ou ressources qui ont déjà parus dans les anciennes éditions

CHN Health Link - twice monthly news bulletin featuring all-Canadian articles, and events as well as health facts about health promotion and disease prevention, and a summary of new information that is appearing on the Canadian Health Network (CHN) website. See or to subscribe.

Toronto Weekly CED Bulletin Each weekly issue of the newsletter includes updates on events, workshops, job opportunities, synopses of news from other newsletters pertinent to CED, hyperlinks of special interest to CEDs, resource-sharing among members and offers a venue to get messages out to the larger Toronto CED network. To subscribe: use the online subscription form at and review the current Bulletin at

Mental Health Notes weekly ebulletin - Ontario Branch Canadian Mental Health Association. A very comprehensive news digest and events listing on mental health issues. See copies and subscribe at

KUUC - Knowledge Utilization / Utilisation Connaissances - E-Watch bilingual monthly e-bulletin out of Laval University focusing on Health Services. Regularly has information of interest to health promotion practitioners. See the description, archives and subscription notice at:

'Closed' Email Discussion ListServs & Forums - send information to list-owners for posting

FOCUS Communities Closed Forums - FOCUS Members Only Forum

HPO-ph the mailing list is for current members of Health Promotion Ontario Public Health (HPO-ph). The mailing list intended to be a vehicle for ongoing communication about relevant health promotion issues and activities. General information about the mailing list is at

Nutrition Resource Centre has a general emailing list and two specific ones. For information see The NRC mailing list is a closed, moderated list. Once you forward your contact information it will be verified and added to NRC database. You will receive the NRC newsletter (NRC Digest), updates, feedback requests, program information and other messages. [note - many of the highlights from the Contact-NRC list are re-posted to the Heart Health list]

OTRU-NET (Ontario Tobacco Research Unit) has an active list-serv called OTRU-NET: Tobacco Research Network []. See OTRU website at For more information, contact Mel Martin, Program Manager, OTRU, email:


For lists of Online discussions in Email lists and web-forums see: Charity Village - non-profit organizations news and resources has a huge and ever increasing list of online discussions and email lists at They suggest: Try one of these search services that track thousands of mailing lists and newsgroups on the Internet. CataList | | | Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists |

Toronto CED Learning Network The website at has over 1000 hyperlinks to CED-related resources, general reference, advice and assistance, Internet resources, government information, financing, job-related information, workshops, business-related resources, research papers and community development. [CED stands for community economic development.]

ONESTEP Education & Training Email Lists & Bulletins - A long and interesting annotated list of email listservs and regular bulletins related to getting a job and skill development.

Health in Action (HIA), an online database of health promotion and injury prevention resources geared to Alberta practitioners. There are databases of programs and research projects, people/agencies and resources. Online services offered include email discussion groups on: Community Nutrition (Restricted membership); Environmental Health Connector - ehconnector; Food Security in Alberta (Restricted membership); · Health In Action Update - digest of news; Health Promotion Research - hpresearch in Alberta; Heart Health -- heart_health in Alberta; Injury Prevention -- no-injuries; Safe Communities - safecommunities; School Health - schoolhealth; Sexual Health Connections - shconnections and Sport Nutrition Specialists of Alberta -(Restricted membership). All these lists operate through majordomo list system. See for more information

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