Evaluation references for health promotion, public health and population health

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Action for Change: A Workbook for Communities
Citation information: Public Health Association of BC, 1999
Notes: describes a process to identify community health issues, build partnerships, and prepare and carry out an action plan; includes four steps to do this, discussion on evaluation, references and additional resources, and a set of action exercises

CDC Evaluation Working Group Resources
Website Contents: links to evaluation resources on: Ethics, Principles, and Standards; Organizations, Societies, Foundations, Associations; Journals and On-Line Publications; Step-by-Step Manuals; Logic Model Resources; Planning and Performance Improvement Tools; Reports and Publication: General; Reports and Publications: GPRA; Suggestions

Doing evaluation: A framework for action
Citation information: Institute for Health, Institute for Health, 79, Tithbarn St, Liverpool, UK L2 2ER
Notes: a workbook and CD ROM aimed at the planning and evaluation of health promotion; payment required; contact Institute for Health, 79, Tithbarn St, Liverpool, UK L2 2ER

Empowerment Evaluation: Knowledge and Tools for Self-Assessment & Accountability
Citation information: D. M. Fetterman, S. J. Kaftarian and A. Wandersman, 1996, Sage Publications

Evaluation for Community Service Organizations
Citation information: Volunteer Victoria, 1991
Notes: payment required; chosen by Canadian Centre for Philanthropy report (A Review of Evaluation Resources for Nonprofit Organizations, Bozzo, Sandra L. and Michael H. Hall, 1999) as one of five most usable evaluation tools

Evaluation in Health Promotion: principles and perspectives
Citation information: I. Rootman and M. Goodstadt, 2001, World Health Organization, European Office
Notes: downloadable; also available for payment; includes chapters on evaluation and policies, settings, and perspectives

Evaluating health promotion
Citation information: D. Scott and R. Weston, 1998, Stanley Thornes Publishers

Evaluating Health Promotion Programs Version 3.3
Citation information: The Health Communication Unit, 2001, Centre for Health Promotion, University of Toronto
Notes: downloadable from site; available in English and French; scroll down for more evaluation resources

Evaluation Handbook
Citation information: Ontario Community Support Association in partnership with the Centre for Research and Education in Human Services
Notes: payment required

How to Use Qualitative Methods in Evaluation
Citation information: M. Q. Patton, 1987, Sage Publications

Pathways to a Healthy Community: An Indicators and Evaluation Tool Kit User Guide
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Citation information: Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition
Notes: downloadable from website; detailed descriptions of 19 North American evaluation and indicator tools identified as the best; includes a User's Guide with comprehensive details to help groups select the tool most appropriate to their needs, details to obtain tools, annotated bibliography of other tools and resources, an annotated list of evaluation/indicator web sites, Ontario list of contacts for evaluation/indicator initiatives

Prevention Dividend Project Evaluation Resources
Website Contents: lists resources and tools (including articles and books) on program and project evaluation; links to documents where available

Program Evaluation Tool Kit: A Blueprint for Public Health Management
Citation information: N. L. Porteous, B. J. Sheldrick and P. J. Stewart, 1997, Public Health Research, Education and Development Program, Ottawa-Carleton Health Department
Notes: payment required

Public Health Bush Book or click here to go directly to planning and evaluation chapter
Website Contents: content of the planning and evaluation chapter covers all the basics; search function

A Review of Evaluation Resources for Nonprofit Organizations
Citation information: S. L. Bozzo and M. H. Hall, March 1999, Canadian Centre for Philanthropy
Notes: payment required; an assessment of both the current availability of tools (e.g., guides, manuals and resource books) that can be used by voluntary organizations to help them evaluate their programs and an appraisal of the adequacy of these tools; of 22 evaluation tools or resources reviewed, 5 were identified as showing some promise as a practical resource; strengths and weaknesses of each evaluation tool are discussed

Theory-Driven Evaluation
Citation information: H.-T. Chen, 1995, Sage Publications

Workplace health self-assessment workbook
Citation information: J. Perry, 1999, National Quality Institute
Notes: advice, tools and tips for evaluating your organization's progress towards developing a healthy workplace; it pulls together various health-in-the-workplace issues, including physical, mental, safety, and social issues into a broad-based, comprehensive approach; payment required; to order, call 800-263-9648 or 416-251-7600

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