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Best Practices Database
Website Contents: summaries ("issues briefs") of selected good and best practices (categories include Housing Policies and Practices, Women Empowerment Practices, Social Services Practices, Poverty Reduction Practices, Urban Planning and Development Practices, Urban Governance Practices, Urban Economic Development, Environmental Planning and Management, Urban Infrastructure and Services, Emerging Issues and Trends); search function (for: Best Practices 2000, Best Practices 1998, subject, ecosystem, scale, region); access to summary and categories for each record without a subscription; require subscription to see "narrative" and contacts
Notes: sponsored by The Together Foundation and The United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat); the intent is to provide, based on reports from initiatives around the world selected according to a set of criteria, an overall synopsis of how cities, people and their communities are solving critical social, economic and environmental problems, focusing on a specific set of objectives which include partnerships, participation, decentralisation and enablement, and the use of information in decision-making

Campbell Collaboration Library or click here for home page
Website Contents: records from C2-SPECTR (a social, psychological, educational, and criminological trials register) contain citation and availability information and usually an abstract; search function (key word, author, periodical, year, title)
Notes: The Campbell Collaboration, a developing sibling organization to the Cochrane Collaboration which is international in scope, aims to help people make well-informed decisions by preparing, maintaining, and promoting access to systematic reviews of studies on the effects of social and educational policies and practices; focuses on randomized field trials first and on high quality nonrandomized field trials second

Canadian Health Network
Website Contents: health tips and facts, information about research and policy, networks, strategies for promoting health; "health centres" (e.g. determinants of health, health promotion, specific diseases, specific population groups); brief description, full text where available; includes grey literature, systematic reviews, journal article abstracts, bibliographies; English and French; search function (by keyword, alphabetical subject index, health centres); features on selected topics; events; links to organizations
Notes: information about how to stay healthy and prevent disease, based on resources of a network of non-profit organizations across Canada; partners include Health Canada, other federal departments, provincial and territorial governments, community-based organizations, libraries, universities

Central West Health Planning Information Network (CWHPIN)
Website Contents: a series of reports on different topics (full text available); search function (by date only); links to other websites
Notes: CWHPIN is a partnership of seven public health units and four district health councils in Ontario

Community Guide - Guide to Community Preventive Services
Website Contents: list of selected interventions (categorized as: Strongly recommended, Recommended, or Insufficient Evidence); downloadable articles (Vaccine-preventable Diseases, Reducing Tobacco Use, Reducing Injury to Motor Vehicle Occupants, Diabetes, Promoting Physical Activity, others in development); search function (by key word, or, in "interventions database," by menu choice); links to other websites and sources of information
Notes: the content of the Community Guide, led by the U.S. Task Force on Community Preventive Services, is based on systematic reviews of available evidence of effectiveness for selected community or "population based" interventions for: a) improving health behaviors; b) reducing specific diseases, disabilities, injuries and impairments and c) addressing environmental and ecosystem challenges

The Educator's Reference Desk
Website Contents: abstracts of documents and journal articles on education research and practice with search function (key word or alphabetic topic); education resource guides (internet sites, organizations, discussion groups); Question Archive (collection of previously asked questions and answers); Lesson Plans

Effective Public Health Practice Project
Website Contents: summaries and some full reviews of Effective Public Health Interventions for practitioners and managers and policy makers on a range of topics such as: Coalitions in Heart Health Promotion, Tobacco Use Reduction, and Injury Prevention; Interventions to Improve Low Birth Weight; Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Adolescents; Workplace-Based Health Risk Appraisal
Notes: a project of Ontario Public Health Research, Education & Development Program (PHRED) which conducts systematic reviews that evaluate the effectiveness of relevant interventions

Evidence for Policy and Practice Information Centre (EPPI-Centre) or click here to go directly to searches
Website Contents: register of reviews of effectiveness of health promotion and public health interventions (includes meta analyses, systematic reviews, other reviews); search function (topic area and type of review, can refine by selecting population type); links to other organizations and sources of information; downloadable tools, resources and reports
Notes: the Centre (part of the Social Science Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London, England) looks at the kinds of evidence that exist for the effectiveness of interventions in various social fields including health promotion, and education; the health promotion register was compiled based on searches of a number of databases and contact with other agencies

Health Development Agency (HDA)
or click here to go directly to searching Evidence Base or click here for Evidence Base Gateway
Website Contents: summaries, full text, or links to systematic reviews of effectiveness, literature reviews, meta-analyses, expert group reports, other review-level information about what works to improve health and reduce health inequalities; search function (by title, provided choices for topic, setting, population, evidence type including meta analysis, research summary, systematic review); links through the Evidence Base Gateway to other reviews, databases, organisations

Health Education and Promotion System (HEAPS)
Website Contents: Australian and New Zealand health promotion projects (topics: Indigenous Australians, Rural and Regional Australia, Youth, Ethnic Communities, Women's Health, General Practice); search function (key word, by specified field); full description where information is available (summary, details, agency, effectiveness)

Health In Action
Website Contents: databases for programs, research, people/agencies, resources; search function; links to organizations, documents, journals, tools, other; theme pages, news and events, discussion groups
Notes: Alberta-based, national and international information on research, evaluation, resources and programs relating to health promotion and injury prevention initiatives derived from Alberta health professionals

Website Contents: citation information for official publications, surveys, reports, books, research, websites, journal articles, resources (links to citation where available); in addition to general database includes specific population databases (Black and Minority Ethnic Groups, People with Learning Disabilities, Older People, Young People, Men); search function (by general, author, title, subject, journal title); links to numerous organizations and databases (e.g. MedLine, WHOLIS, British Medical Association, Bioethics)
Notes: national health promotion database for England to provide information on public health policy, evidence based health and health promotion

Informed Health Online
Website Contents: summaries of Cochrane systematic reviews; search function (by key word, listed topic); email notification; links to other sites (e.g. databases, bulletins, libraries); information on researching

Medline (via PubMed)
Website Contents: indexed journal citations and abstracts covering journals published around the world; search function (by key word, author names, journal titles)
Notes: a database of the National Library of Medicine; the subject scope of Medline is biomedicine and health, encompassing those areas of the life sciences, behavioral sciences, chemical sciences, and bioengineering needed by health professionals and others engaged in basic research and clinical care, public health, health policy development, or related educational activities; most publications included are scholarly journals; a small number of newspapers, magazines, and newsletters considered useful to particular segments of NLM's broad user community are also included

NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD) or click here for databases
Website Contents: three databases: DARE (abstracts of quality assessed systematic reviews), NHS EED (economic evaluations of health care interventions), HTA (publications and projects by INAHTA - International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment - and other HTA organisations); links to text provided where available; search function (keyword, choice of database, can further define by selecting fields to search such as author, title, subject headings, date published); email notification for monthly updates of new records added; publications (e.g. full text for CRD Reports, Effectiveness Matters and Effective Health Care bulletins); enquiry service (information provided upon request on the results of systematic reviews of research and economic evaluations, in subjects related to healthcare interventions and the organisation and delivery of health services); other information such as training and advice on systematic reviews; links to other organization and information sites
Notes: an initiative of The University of York [Britain], NHS Centre for Review and Dissemination (sibling organization of the UK Cochrane Centre); systematic reviews on the DARE database are identified by regularly searching MEDLINE, CINAHL, ERIC, Biosis, Allied and Alternative Medicine, PsycINFO, and for a test period EMBASE; also a number of journals are hand searched

The Public Health electronic Library (PHeL)
Website Contents: links and information related to: Organisations & Sectors; Policies & Initiatives; Data & Evidence; Networking; Knowledge into Action

Statistics Canada
Website Contents: search function (by key word, alphabetical index, subject list); free reports and resources, resources for purchase, Canadian Statistics link (bank of data for health, economy, geography etc.), downloadable publications

WHOLIS (WHO Library Database)
Website Contents: bibliographic records with subject headings and sometimes abstracts (for WHO documents, books from other organizations); separate entries for English, French and Spanish versions when available; search function (key words, author, title, subject, series, periodical title; can set limits); links to full text documents where available (by clicking on "view")
Notes: the WHO Library and Health Literature Services (WHOLIS) database is the collective electronic memory for all World Health Organization documentation

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